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Customization and Construction

Our Custom Services
Audrey enjoys making portraits of horse owners astride their favorite. She has done it for many pleased clients. All that she needs are some good photographs to guide her.
Constructing the animals
There are several stages in constructing the animals.  First, designing the outline onto materials. Then the materials goes to the sewing machine.  From there, the sewn parts are cut, turned inside out and hand-stuffed. Then the stuffed parts are carefully positioned and hand-sewn.

Now they are ready for two stages of painting: first, what amounts to a primer coat is applied; second, specific acrylic coloring is done.  Then a sealer is applied, giving a life-like sheen to the work. This sealer also provides protection to the work.  If a rider is appropriate to the work, it is then positioned and hand-sewn. The completed work is then either self-standing or positioned on a wooden or metal stand.


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